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Friday, March 24, 2006

Notes From Oz #3...

Thu 23rd
Off to have breakfast and oggle at tattooed waiter at Vangacafe / shopping on Broadway (combat shorts, 5 DVDs, PS2 game for Dave, more underwear!) / got chatted up by the guy in HMV (think he was a bit taken aback when I laughed at his name: Bruce!) / Sydney public transport is a delight / had a visitor: the man with two names (gmaavrikn) / mildy stalkerish / to The Columbian Hotel on back of Craig's motorbike (very An Officer and a Gentleman) / beers with Rich / no dinner (oops!) / more beers at Mannacle / a new show but just as camp as ever / bit of a blur towards the end (someone did bite my lip though and i had a nose-bleed and some bruises this morning - draw your own conclusions!)

Fri 24th
Slept until 3pm (oops!) / during the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne Channel 8 here are showing every single Simpsons episode (all 350?) so been glued to that / food shopping in a enormous supermarket / kebabs / Underworld / early night (big day tomorrow)

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