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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cars are Expensive to Run #7...

My car is up for it's annual MOT. So it was in the garage on Monday getting tutted at by the City Renault cowboys experts. After three days they called just now; £345 for new exhaust, £13 for new wiper, £50 MOT itself etc all plus VAT. Which sort of reminds me of why I didn't need a car in the first place. Oh and it's road tax ran out two days ago. Another £170. Sigh.

Last year I drove it a mere 780 miles. So that works out about £3 a mile to run when you take into account all the other running costs. It'd probably have been cheaper to get taxis everywhere!


  1. To be honest I don't know. Maybe it's the feeling that one day I might actually need it. Or indeed maybe it's not knowing how to sell it!

  2. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Why anyone bothers to OWN a car in London is beyond me...its madness!

    I have used these people for a while now...and no I dont work for them, I just think its a bloody good idea!




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