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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Text Addict...

My latest monthly mobile phone bill arrived today:
Rental £7.50
Calls £7.45
Text £128.88

It's not the fact that the bill is £143.83 (pretty high for me I have to confess) that I find scary. It's the fact that 90% of the bill is for text messages. Just eighteen months ago it was a 50/50 split. So taking into account that some texts were sent from the UK (10p) and some from overseas (25p) last month that's still averaging 25 texts a day. No wonder my thumbs are so sore.


  1. Good lord! My monthly mobile bill TOTAL is always between seven and fifteen pounds, and all my text messages are free! It does help that I'm on a staff tariff(!), but which company is milking you dry?!

  2. BT Mobile. But then it all gets paid for by work. Voice calls are really cheap (considered 'core business'). Text messages are all at standard rate (not considered 'core business').


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