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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reissue: Do you have a favourite kids' TV show?...

I used to love kids TV. Still do in many ways. Here are some of my favourite shows - in no particular order - some from way back when and some are more recent.

Hector's House (Hector, Zaza and Kiki frog et al)
Captain Scarlet (The original puppets not the recent CGI update. I always thought Captain Black was so sexy)
Rainbow (with the Holy Trinity of George, Bungle and Zippy)
Live and Kicking (both the Andy/Emma & Jamie/Zoe versions)
Dr Who (especially the Tom Baker era although the recent series has got to be the best kids drama on TV at the moment)
Andy Pandy (I had his trousers!)
The Clangers (especially the Soup Dragon)
UFO (scared me shitless)
The Woodentops (I actually thought the dog was real)
Torchy The Battery Boy (which incidentally features a baby dragon called Sparky. No, not that Sparky)
The Tomorrow People (I once asked my mother for a jaunt belt for my birthday)
Hong Kong Phooey (I used to think all Americans were like Rosmary, "your friendly female fuzz". I wasn't too far wrong)
Blake's 7 (I actually organised Blake's 7 conventions at University. We had Paul Darrow and Jacqueline Pierce et al coming to give talks)
Wacky Races (Dick, Penelope and the gang. Actually most H&B cartoons get my vote as I've blogged at length on earlier ocassions)
The Singing Ringing Tree (that was when I believed in magic)
SM:TV Live (but only when Ant & Dec were on it)
Space:1999 (especially the first 'pre-monsters' series. Before 'the Americans suits' got their hands on it!)
Thunderbirds (natch. Still watch it today when I can)

Do you have a favourite kids' TV show?

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