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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Comedy Camp...

On Tuesday Ali and I went to Comedy Camp @ Barcode in London's glitzy West End. It was a long yet very entertaining night: four hours we sat in that basement. We laughed for most of it though. All good fun. Topping & Butch were headlining with Shazia Mirza, the rather hunky Greg Burns and Ruth Bratt supporting. Simon Happily was as usual compering. Does anyone else think he looks like Jack McFarland from Will & Grace?


  1. Anonymous3:56 am

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  2. Anonymous10:01 am

    Simon himself regularly says: Oh, and if there are any Americans in, no it's not "Just Jack!"

  3. Yes. I've seen Simon twice here at Brum's comedy nights (Sundays, Nightingale, plug, plug) and he's used the line both times. I had to explain to one of my friends who Jack was though, so not everybody finds it funny. Not all queens watch Will and Grace. What a shocking revelation.


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