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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dr Who spin-off: Torchwood...

The BBC has announced plans to create a spin-off series from Doctor Who. Captain Jack, the maverick time traveler who guest stared in the latter episodes of the revived Doctor Who, will take centre stage in Torchwood, a "paranoid thriller" due to debut on digital channel BBC Three late next year.

Created by Russell T Davies, the writer who successfully revived Doctor Who, Torchwood will see super-sexy John Barrowman reprise his role as Captain Jack. The series - described as a cross between the X Files and lawyer drama This Life - will feature investigators solving human and alien crime, as well as chasing alien technology that has fallen to Earth.

The 13-part drama, aimed at a post-watershed adult audience, will be filmed and based in Cardiff. Each episode will last for 45 minutes. According to Davis the series will be markedly different from Doctor Who. "Torchwood is a British sci-fi paranoid thriller, a cop show with a sense of humour," he said. "It's dark, wild and sexy." One of the confirmed writers is Sapphire and Steel creator PJ Hammond. Yay!

Blimey. So will Rose, the Doctor's latest companion, and Captain Jack renew their flirtation? Sadly not, because although Torchwood will be spawned in the forthcoming Christmas special of Doctor Who there will be no cross-over episodes between the two series. Boo hoo.

And why is it called Torchwood? It's an anagram of Doctor Who, of course.


  1. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Ooh! New comments?

  2. I can't believe I didn't spot that anagram earlier.

  3. This puts a spanner in all the spoilerage I have been told...
    i knew all about the Cpt Jack spin off and All about Torchwood being the new Bad Wolf but this doesn't support that theory.

    Must dig up some more dirt.

  4. "Torchwood being the new Bad Wolf"? I'm intrigued.

  5. Anonymous3:47 am

    please let him be wearing the leather gear :)

  6. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Tourchwood is not an anagram of Dr. Who. Do you know what an anagram is?

  7. "Torchwood" (not Tourchwood as you spell it) is indeed an anagram of "Doctor Who".


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