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Monday, April 18, 2005

Top Of The Pops...
So the new download-friendly Official Singles Chart is upon us: not only shop sales but internet downloads are included in the chart from last week.

This of course distorts the shop-only chart a bit. Well, in some cases, a lot.

According to the BBC: The biggest winners were Damon Albarn's cartoon dance group Gorillaz, whose song Feel Good Inc shot up 175 places thanks to download sales. BBC Radio 1 chart hosts JK and Joel said the group used "guerrilla tactics" to boost their position. "Gorillaz have exploited a loophole in the new chart rules that says as long as you physically release a single in the shop, your download will count towards your chart position," they said. Gorillaz released a limited edition of just 300 copies of Feel Good Inc to shops. Feel Good Inc is at 22, compared with 197 in the shop-only chart.

I'm not complaining mind you. I like the Gorillaz. But what if it'd been Crazy Frog or worse?

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