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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Coldplay X&Y...
On 6th June Coldplay will release their third studio album, X&Y. To help the hype marketing campaign on the album's front cover will feature colour-coded blocks which combine to reveal a secret code in the hopes that it will pique the interest of fans all over the world as they try to find the hidden meaning behind the eye-catching design. Any ideas anyone?


  1. Anonymous1:57 pm

    It means X&Y its a code system called baudot who gives a toss anyway coldplay suckass

  2. Anonymous6:39 pm

    it actually means XY, no &! learn to read! coldplay rock! x x

  3. Anonymous1:24 am

    [b]i dont know.. wtf is that? i saw it in a page and im trying to get the meaning of the album's front kover.... what it means!!! OMG i think im going krazy[/b]

  4. Anonymous11:11 am

    as far as I can tell, it is 5 digit binary in columns, in baudot code. No color is zero and color is one. The second column is 11011 which is the shift to symbol mod, the first column is x the last is y. But if you look up the third one it is 00011, which is "-" in baudot. It doesn't make any sense but the message reads "x-y" as far as I can tell. But it most certainly does not mean "XY" so don't be a jerk, if you yourself cant read the code.


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