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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Broadband for under a tenner at UK Online...
UK Online has slashed the cost of its unbundled broadband service. It's offering an entry-level 512k service for just £9.99 (compared to £19.99 a month for the same speed via BT) because it's using a cheaper alternative to BT Wholesale (which provides the vast majority of DSL in the UK). Its also has a 2Mb service that costs just £19.99 a month (compared to £29.99 a month via BT) and its 8Mb service is now only £29.99 a month. BT has yet to launch an 8Mb service.

At home I currently have a couple of broadband service contracts - a 512k ADSL one from Demon which I've had since the earliest trials in the UK and a more recent Bulldog SDSL 2Mb line that gets used as my main channel to and from the wibbly-wide-web. I'm now seriously thinking of ditching both to get a UK Online 8Mb one.

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