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Friday, April 01, 2005

Listen Again...
The BBC Radio Player (radio on demand) was launched back in January of this year and has become wildly successful. It allows you to listen to BBC Radio programs live or indeed anytime up to a week after initial broadcast. It'll be the forerunner to the BBC Internet Player and the Creative Archive which will allow us to time-shifted TV and archive TV.

The current Top 10 Online BBC Radio Shows are:
01 The Archers (Radio 4)
02 Chris Moyles (Radio 1)
03 Essential Mix (Radio 1)
04 The Essential Selection (Radio 1)
05 Dance Anthems (Radio 1)
06 Official Chart Show (Radio 1)
07 Just A Minute (Radio 4)
08 The News Quiz (Radio 4)
09 Zane Lowe (Radio 1)
10 Jonathan Ross (Radio 2)

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