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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Medical Advice...
For those of you with a nervous disposition please look away now.

I've got a chest infection. How do I know? Well, maybe it's the wheezing and coughing that kept me awake all night. Maybe it's tightening of the chest and the difficulty in breathing that every few minutes erupts into spluttering fits. Or maybe it's the large green chunks of phlegm that I've been coughing up. (Sorry for that mental image, I did warn you!)

So what am I to do? I normally seek some sort of advice from friends or family because I'm not a very good decision maker when ill. I normally just end up feeling sorry for myself rather than actually doing something about it.

So let's talk options people:
- Go home from work early and go to bed (yes I did come in)?
- Try and see a doctor (probably won't be able to see me in a while so what's the point)?
- Grin and bear it because if I ignore it it'll clear up all by itself eventually?

UPDATE: Booked appointment at doctor (amazingly I got an appointment just 1 hour after I called so been and come back now) I'm now the proud owner of 21 x Amoxycillin capsules 500mg - amazingly it DOESNT say avoid alcohol. Yay!

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