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Monday, December 13, 2004

Which (Middle) Class Are You?...
Ten easy questions to determine: Which (Middle) Class Are You? You could turn out to be White Vain Man, No Sugar Babe, The Loft-Wingers, (Jamie) Oliver’s Army, The Notting-Pillbillies, The Suburberrys, The Normal Actuallys, The Hornby Set, The Saga Louts, The Fair-to-Middlings or (what I am apparently) alt.middles?

alt.middle: You’re tooth-achingly aware of other clichéd social behaviour, and try to avoid looking like a cliché at all costs. Even the simple act of reading a newspaper is fraught for you. Larger purchases such as cars provoke endless nightmares before you settle for the safe bet of a VW Golf. Your friends tell you to stop worrying - but how can anyone be conscious in the world today and NOT be worried. You could be a disaffected student, disillusioned fortysomething or bewildered seventysomething, and you are made wistful by the apparent innocence of the postwar generation. You thank God for BBC4. You feel an overwhelming desire to have been born at a different period in history. 1951, say.
[Thanks Bryan]

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