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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Retroteasers Pop Quiz...
Ian texted me yesterday afternoon, "In town for a bit of light shopping; fancy a pint c.1730?" (the only man I know who uses semi-colons in text messaging).

I had meant to be on time but as I was walking up from Piccadilly tube station I got knocked to the ground by a speeding rollerblader. Uninjured he just sat there on the pavement and laughed at me. More than a little taken aback I pick myself up, dusted myself off and responded in the only way I could think of: I kicked him. Quite hard.

Ian had a pint waiting for me. Bless him. We caught up and were soon joined by Elliott. A couple of pints later we whisked ourselves off to The Angel (just off Denmark Street) to meet Saunders et al who were themselves off to The Battle Of The Bands at the Astoria. Ian and I were not to be persuaded in that direction, but were in another. By David. David suggested Pop Quiz and so that's were the three of us found ourselves at 9pm wondering how we would do after be being away for so long. We needn't have worried.

The quiz was all about music that was popular, but no necessarily released, in 2004. We did rather well. Rather well? We won! 20/20. And we won the cash too. A measly £20. We celebrated in Bar Code.

Here are the questions. Why not see how you do?

01. What young crooner has a track out called "Everlasting Love"?
02. What gangsta rapper has a track called "Drop It Like It's Hot"
03. Free with last week's MetroLife Urban Voices CD who sang "Pumps"
04. "Yours Fatally"?
05. " If There's Any Justice"?
06. In Q's Best of 2004 who had a track "Can't Stop Now"?
07. "See It In A Boy's Eyes"?
08. "Matinee"?
09. "Letterbomb"?
10. "Can't Stand Me Now"?
11. "The She Goes My Beautiful World"?
12. All from 'Now That's What I Call Music 59' who had a pop track in 2004 "Curtain Falls"
13. "These Words"?
14. "Radio"?
15. "Love Machine"?
16. "Obviously"?
17. "Mary"?
18. "You Had Me"?
19. "You Want Forget About Me"?
20. "Do They Know It's Christmas"?

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