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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Round The Horne: Revisited - Christmas Edition...
Paul and I went to see Round The Horne again last night. Well, when I say 'again', it's a different show from last time - this one is a special Christmas edition with two newly updated scripts. Just as funny as before. Gentle humour with just a hint of Carry On.

The show's actors are dead spits and dead sound-a-likes to the erstwhile radio stars, so full praise needs to go to them: Kenneth Horne (Jonathan Rigby), Betty Marsden (Kate Brown), Douglas Smith (Charles Armstrong), Kenneth Williams (Robin Sebastian) and Hugh Paddick (Nigel Harrison).

Best gag of the night (two actually):

The recurring and ever youthful phrase: "Snow. Snow. Thick, thick, snow." Followed of course by some quickstep music.

And: "Here are the answers to last week's quiz. We asked you to finish the title of a song. Number one: Gone With The... The answer was of course wind. And most of you had it (boom, boom). And no, Mrs Flangegobbler from Wales, the answer wasn't 'Christmas Club money'."

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