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Friday, December 17, 2004

Coming Out Of The Closet...
It's our Christmas Party tonight so I need to wear a posh suit. It's also a jeans day at work. Major fashion crisis.

Bright idea: I'll wear my posh suit to work and changed into my t-shirt and jeans when I get into the office. I'll then change back before the party. Sorted. But where in the office could I strip off? Where indeed. I chose the rather cramped stationary cupboard in the corridor by the kitchen as for some (bizarre) reason it has a lock on the door.

It's semi-dark in there but I manage to change OK. Imagine my reaction then as I stumble out of the cupboard in my Fred Perry t-shirt buttoning up the flies on my G-Star jeans and two secretaries are walking past. "Didn't think you could come out of the closet twice" quips one. Bitch. She'll get red wine spilt on her tonight!

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