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Friday, December 17, 2004

Margaret Cho...
Last night Paul and I went to see the sassy blogger Margaret Cho perform her show at the New Player's Theatre. We'd seen taped recordings of her before but never a live show. This was Margaret Cho's first performances in the UK and she went down very well. Better than well, she went down a storm. Shame the place wasn't busier.

The targets of her musings were perhaps rather broad - Bush, homophobia, moral majority, sexism, racial stereotyping etc. - but her timing was pin-point accurate. It was obviously a well written well rehearsed show; lot's of gags about gays, lot's of gags about the American Presidential election, lot's of gags about menstruation. But what exactly did I expect from a left-wing, fat Korean-American lesbian (as she described herself)? What else indeed?

She did start with a rather funny piece about David Blunkett: "I didn't know he was blind. Honest to God. And when I saw him holding Tony Blair's hand I went... GIRRRRL! I thought Blair was Bush's bitch!"

She did some very funny routines about being a fag hag, gay porn, lesbians who love whale watching (it's the blow-hole they like apparently) and a gay porn book her mother used to sell called 'Ass Master'.

At one point in the show she says rather wistfully "When I was young I always dreamed of being surrounded by men." She pauses and looks around the mainly gay male audience. "I should have been more specific."

A fun night out.

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