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Friday, May 16, 2003

Tina C...
On Tuesday night we decided to go to The Comedy Camp underneath Bar Code. The Comedy Camp is Simon Happily's gay and gay-friendly stand-up comedy night. Tina C was headlining and we couldn't resist as we've always been such big fans - stretching back to the days when Tina C (or rather his alter ego, Chris Green) ran Screamers at The Loft in the mid-90s.

Screamers was held every Wednesday night and as far as I know it was the first straight-friendly stand-up comedy club in London. We were regulars and we saw Graham Norton there "before he was famous" along with a number of other gay and gay-friendly comedians. Some of whom made the big time and some of whom have disappeared without a trace. But it was always Tina we came to C. In fact so fanny (is that a word?) were we that we even followed Tina C down to Brighton on tour once. We've seen most of her one woman shows and have all her records. No Dick's As Hard As My Life being one of my favourites.

The show on Tuesday consisted of three other acts (which were funny, but not that funny) before the masterful (mistressful?) appearance of Tina C herself. Her act was as hilarious as ever - including wry digs at Anti-War / Pro-War supporters through the power of sing-a-long (how else?), comments on UK fiscal policy, in praise of schizophrenia and the embarrassment that God often experiences when he answers someone's apparent call for help when actually they are just having sex (Oh, God! Yes! That's good! My God! Yes!).

Chatting to Chris afterwards he says Tina C is taking up residency at Freedom Bar nect week but I can't see any mention of it in the listings. In any event you can go check out for yourself other places Tina C is performing.

Also of note is Chris's other wonderful creation Ida Barr who is back performing at The Comedy Camp on June 10th. We'll be there!

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