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Friday, May 30, 2003

I Love Saturday Friday...
07:00am Get out of bed and play on new SDSL line and Wi-Fi networked computer. Checking e-mails.
08:00am Shower and get dressed in jeans and T-shirt; Friday 'casual' garb.
09:00am Get to work.
01:00pm-03:00pm Pub lunch in the sunshine. Drink bit too much.
03:05pm Start playing Pop! Erasure's Greatest Hits slightly too loud.
03:06pm Asked to turn it down.
03:06pm Turn it up ear splittingly loud for about 10 seconds and then turn it ever-so-slightly down.
04:30pm Decide to recable a critical backup system with pink cables 'for fun'.
04:35pm Realise I've not got a hope in Hell of finishing the recabling by end of the day.
04:35pm-05:28pm Try and undo what I've done with random plugging/unplugging of cables.
05:29pm Check watch. Push all ther cables back in the cabinet and hope no-one notices until Monday.
05:30pm Leave work.
06:00pm Meet Guy in Coleherne.
07:15pm Briefly consider the idea of eating.
07:30pm Meet rest of gang at Hammersmith Apollo bar.
08:30pm Erasure on stage.
08:31pm-10:30pm Dancing, singing and back to bar for frequent top-ups.
10:31pm Over-ambitious plans to 'make a night of it' are formed.
10:32pm Over-ambitious plans to 'make a night of it' fade.
10:34pm On tube home.
11:30pm Catch up with Big Brother Live and shout at TV because I thought Federico should have been evicted not Jon Anouska.
03:30am Wake up having fallen asleep on sofa. Crawl to bed.

UPDATE SATURDAY: We did eat as it turned out with David and Jason; then we drank beer by a church in Hammersmith (listening to stories of Guy's graveyard conquests). The Erasure show was great and we bumped into loads of people we knew. After the show I went to Central Station where I bumped into Ferry-bags - amongst others :)

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