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Thursday, May 15, 2003

We have a house-guest at the moment. Paul. He's one of my bestest friends and it's great to have him staying with us. I haven't seen much of him in recent years as he has a home in Sitges but is over here working on a TV programme for the Discovery Channel. We used to go out together many, many moons ago - actually we dated for 7 years - and it was a very happy time being in the swinging 80s.

We also have another house guest at the moment too - Carl. Carl is someone Mark met years ago at an AIDS vigil in Trafalgar Square and they hit it off with immediately. Carl lives in Chicago and comes over to stay with us every now and again whether it's for business or pleasure. Carl is a great guy and always fun to spend time with.

This Saturday we have a third house-guest arriving - Simon. Simon is Paul's other half and is coming over to see Paul but also to have his birthday treat - going to see Goldfrapp on Monday. I haven't seen Simon is ages and it'll be great to catch up with him.

So all in all we have a bit of house full at the moment.

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