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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Easter Eggs...
Do you remember years ago the fun people had finding Easter Eggs in software - those little pieces of code, messages or games that programmers leave to make their mark. Well here is a site that has collected them all together. There are thousands of examples in all sorts of software, films, TV, videos, art and hardware. "Spy Hunter" in Excel 2000 is very good. Also the Apple iPod has an Easter Egg if you select "About" from the main menu, then hold the centre button for a couple seconds, a mini breakout game appears on the screen. Some are more suspect though, "On each Kate Bush 45 single the logo that she created for her original band KT is hidden somewhere. Each single has a weird inscription scratched into the quiet zone at the end of the record. Only she knows what they mean." Hmm... perhaps.

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