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Friday, May 09, 2003

Sex at noon taxes...
Here is a site that has all the palindromes you'll ever need (words or sentences that read the same backwards as forwards). Here are some of my favourites:-

Elves seem to get a strong showing:
Bald elf fled lab
Elf farm raffle.
Flee elf!

The eternal questions:
Borrow or rob?
Can I attain a 'C'?
Deny a god, O gay Ned?
Do geese see god?
Hug a bared nun under a bag, uh?

The personal:
Dennis and Edna sinned.
"Delia was ill!", Lisa wailed.
Harass Sarah!
or even Harass selfless Sarah!
Evade me, Dave.
Eve damned Eden

The weird:
Draw noses onward!
I prefer pi.
"Nurses run!" says sick Cissy as nurses run

The truth:
D: "Alas, no tips; I spit on salad!"
God damn! Mad dog.
Gods send a madness: dog.

And of course the crude:
Knob red, no wonder! Bonk.
My gym taxes sex at my gym.
No sex, or extra-wet Stewart xeroxes on!
Sex at noon taxes.

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