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Sunday, October 16, 2022

South America : Day 4 : El Alto and Tiahuanco…

It was a day of modern neo-lawless craziness and an ancient civilisation via street dancing, police check points, a random marathon and the bleakness of the altiplano. 

Today we climbed out of the La Paz canyon higher still to the crazy city of El Alto. El Alto seems to obey no laws - albeit in its driving, its construction or its society in general. Fun but crazy. 

We managed to weave our way through it out onto the altiplano on the way towards Bolivia's most important ancient site - Tiahuanaco. The site is the remains of a great pre-Inca culture and is known as the 'Cradle of American Civilisations'. Over two thousand years ago this area was at the heart of a large civilisation that is believed to have thrived on the bleak altiplano by using complicated agrarian techniques to produce food. This empire stretched over almost half of what is present day Bolivia, as well as parts of Peru, Argentina and Chile. The Tiahuanaco people were accomplished farmers and warriors. What we saw at the site of Tiahuanco was perhaps nothing compared to the capital at its heyday, but nevertheless was a fascinating visit. The stonework was out of this world - which if some people are to be believed, is how the stones were cut in the first place! ūüėĚ

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