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Sunday, October 30, 2022

South America : Day 18 : Cartagena Knockers…

Cartagena is famous for a number of things. But near the top of the list are its doors, knobs, and knockers.     

Knockers are big here. The knockers (or aldaba) all represent a trade or an occupation of the house’s inhabitant.     

Lions:  One of the most common door knockers, the lion is associated with strength and leadership and symbolised families related to the army.    

Lizards:  Associated with blue blood and royalty, the lizard signified members of the royal family, nobles or those with legitimate (or otherwise) connections.    

Mermaids, seahorses, other sea creatures or fish:  This makes up another large portion of door knockers. They represent merchant marines and other working class professionals bringing in goods via the sea.      

Hands:  The hand knockers were for those in the clergy as it’s meant to be the hand of the Virgin Mary of Fatima.  

Size is everything; the bigger, more ornate, and more elaborate the knocker on the door, the more impressive your family’s heritage and social positioning.

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