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Saturday, October 15, 2022

South America : Day 3 : La Paz from above…

La Paz is very high up. Both high up and hilly. So to get around you need a powerful vehicle, a strong set of legs, or a sense of adventure. The ‘adventure’ being more than a passing appreciation of cable cars. I’m not a big fan per se (scaredy cat, vertigo, fear of plummeting to a tangled wiry death) but that said I’ve never really let fear of anything stop me - let alone cable cars. However high. 

The day started with some coca tea though (that set us up quite well ūüėú!) and then a trip to Moon Valley south of the city (a limestone featured outcrop). Then we headed up, up, up to the north of La Paz by no less than three cable car rides. Pleasantly they were smooth rides up and each commanded amazing views of the city. All for only 5 BOB (25p) total for all three. Bargain!

We then walked back down through the city taking in a Bolivian wedding at the cathedral, saw some colonial buildings, saw a bit of Bolivian art, visited the witches in Witches Street (the dead baby llama foetuses not being a highlight - although we did buy a little something else), before willingly (yes, willingly) taking another two cable car journeys back down to our hotel. 

I think I’ve become a bit of a convert. 

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