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Monday, October 24, 2022

South America : Day 12 : Bogotá - Flowers, Fruit, and Funicular…

Our final full day in Bogotá, we started the day visiting Paloquemao, Bogota’s largest farmer’s market. 

Colombia is a huge producer (and exporter) of flowers. The market was full of brightly coloured examples. Some rather too brightly coloured for my taste - then we discovered these ones were so garish because they were dyed by colouring their water as they grew. Weird. 

Most of the fruit was typical for any market but there were some fairly exotic ones. So we sampled a few juices of those just for giggles. 
Feijoa  (Green tasted appley)
Lulo (Yellow tasted banana / mango) 
Curuba (Orange sweet milky)
Guayaba (Pink plain and watery)
Guanabana (White, slimy but sweet)
We then stopped for a typical Colombian breakfast - coffee and some cheese balls! 

From the market we traveled east to catch the super steep funicular railway upwards into the clouds to Cerro Monserrate. From the highest point the views were fab out across the city. We could see the different sectors of Bogota, from La Candelaria and its terracotta-tiled roofs to the high-rise business sector and then on across the sabana (flat plains) into the distance. 

A nice day, seeing how the city works. 

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