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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

South America : Day 13 : Bogotá -> Medellín …

We had a last walk around lovely Bogotá this morning before heading to the airport. It was then but a short hop to Colombia’s second city - Medellín. 

Medellín is hot, lush, and green. Rather like me (with light behind me)! (Ok, a boy can dream) 😂

But Medellín is arguably most famous for its past; being a huge drug cartel, crime and narc centre. But those days are behind it and these days the city has much improved. Vibrant and exciting the place is buzzing and alive with music, art, and it has great street vibe to it. 

We are here for three nights. I think we going enjoy them. 

Even Madonna has written a track about Medellín. One two cha-cha-cha. (But don’t let that put you off!)

Fun fact: driving from the airport to the city itself you pass though a tunnel. An 8k (5 mile) tunnel. It’s quite an experience. 

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