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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

British Airways 'mixed trip' tax rip-off....

1st world problem this, so apologies. It is about airline bookings.

Stuart and I just booked a flight with British Airways - a BA plane for most of the trip but a BA partner airline for one of the legs. What they call a 'mixed trip'.

The bill came through and the flight taxes were eye wateringly enormous. We seemed to be paying twice.

So we called BA and queried the amount.
They said, "oh, if you fly with a single airline all the way and don't mix with our partners in our One World Alliance it can be cheaper."
"How much cheaper?" we asked.
"About £400"

Needless to say we cancelled our mixed booking  straightaway and rebooked with one of their partner airlines all the way (bizarrely enough on the actual BA web site).

Same route, same times, £400 cheaper!

Lesson learned. Stick to one airline.

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