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Monday, October 01, 2018

Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - "Goths on statins" - #TheO2 @SoftCellHQ @MarcAlmond

Last night Stuart, I, Bryn, Paul, Simon, Dawn, Al, and 19,993 other people went to watch Soft Cell perform their first (and definitely their last*) stadium gig at the O2 Arena in London's glitzy North Greenwich.

I have seen Soft Cell perform many, many times over the past 40 years - not least when I did my best groupie impression and followed them around Europe on tour. I have seen them at 2am in a bull ring in Madrid and on a wet Wednesday night in an industrial estate in Bremen. However, none of those occasions could hold a candle to last night. It. Was. Amazing. A wild celebration of feeling inside. We sang. We danced. We sang some more. We went bat-shit crazy.

Every song was met with a riotous rapturous applause and deafening cheers. The visuals were stunning. A mini-film created for each song. Marc was in fine voice and seemed to love every minute. Sure, he screwed up the odd song but the crowd sung every word for him. Dave seemed to be beaming with pleasure too as he tapped away behind the keyboards.

The show ran for two hours forty minutes straight through with only a brief interlude midway through when they played So and dazzled us with an epic light show. Marc soon reappeared refreshed.

We had all the hits and more. Much, much more. A show for fans and non-fans alike. And everyone had a brilliant time.

Should I laugh?
Should I cry?
Should I live?
Should I die?
It's a wild celebration of feelings inside.

As we were leaving Paul quipped, "Great crowd. Goths on statins." Ha, ha.

Soft Cell Setlist

Darker Times
Together Alone
Forever the Same
Baby Doll
Insecure Me?
Where the Heart Is
Loving You, Hating Me
Last Chance (duet with Mari Wilson)
The Best Way to Kill
Meet Murder My Angel
Surrender to a Stranger
Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
So [intermission]
The Art of Falling Apart
Northern Lights
Soul Inside
Tainted Love (Gloria Jones cover)
Where Did Our Love Go (The Supremes cover)
Sex Dwarf
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye


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