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Friday, October 12, 2018

Arsenal Stadium (Behind the Scenes) Tour @gaygooners @ArsenalForEveryone

I am sure many of you have already taken the Emirates Stadium Tour but if you haven't, and you find yourself with some spare time (and cash), I can heartedly recommend it. It is a great insight into the match day at Arsenal.

Last week gaygooners were at the stadium for a slightly different reason though; to meet and talk with some AFC members of staff about the match day experience for LGBT fans, issues around diversity training, trans and non-binary issues in particular, and what the club is doing to better support and educate its staff - especially the stewards.

It was very insightful and successful meeting, the club are definitely listening, and they have asked us for more input to help them do better (a good thing). To finish the meeting off we were shown a peek behind the scenes at the stadium to see where the stadium stewards meet on match day, how they are briefed about potential issues with any given set of away fans, how the staff move about under the stadium, and (perhaps more importantly for some) where the beer is kept!

So I thought I would share with you some of the snaps I was allowed to take; to give you a taste of the stadium tour itself and also to see some stuff they do not normally show you behind the scenes.

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