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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Madama Butterfly @ Glyndebourne...

Last Sunday Myrtle, Dad, Jo and I took a trip down to see the opera Madama Butterfly at Glyndebourne near East Sussex's glitzy Lewes.

We drove down to Glyndebourne early, stopping on the way at Nick and Sally's for a cup of coffee. There we got dressed up the nines and proceeded on to the venue proper to stake our claim in the grounds on a patch of grass in the shade. We set up our table and chairs and then got a bit tiddly on champagne and swished about like we owned the place - pretending we knew how the other half live. Great fun.

Madama Butterfly has great too. After the first half there was a long interval when we returned to our table and chairs and had a sumptuous picnic prepared by Jo and Myrtle. With more wine.

The second half was slightly longer than the first and and wth the applause still ringing in our ears we legged it for the exit so I could make the 9:21 Lewes train back to London.

Grand venue, grand performance, grand day out.

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