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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Madagascar: Morondava to Antananarivo...

"Sex touristic capital of Madagascar" warned the sign. Yes, folks we spent our final night on the west coast of Madagascar in the once infamous port of Morondava. I say once because we were to be reassured that the place had cleaned up its act in recent years. The odd sign that said 'happy massage' and 'young masseuse' perhaps told a different story however.
So why were we there? Well, near Morondava is the big, big attraction of Madagascar - The Avenue of the Baobabs - but more of that later.
Up at the crack of dawn we took a propeller plane back to the capital Antananarivo. Very Indiana Jones. 
Having done a quick city tour we settled into our outstanding boutique hotel perched on top of the main hill in the city.
Tomorrow we are back into the jungle again - travelling down the east coast.

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