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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Highbury East Ward...

So far today I've had knocks on the door from the Greens and the Torys canvassing for votes for the upcoming local elections for Highbury East Ward. Both with clipboards. Which I hate.

Greens: Cheap green pully, big green rosette, bad hair, glasses, massive grin and yellow teeth. She made me laugh though.
Torys: A blue suit, no tie, unpolished brown Brogues and two middle names. I wanted to punch him after 60 seconds. Kept talking about "Dave" and calling me "John" and saying what a disaster Labour had been for Islington residents. I shut the dooor in his face.
Labour: No sign of them yet - probably think they'll walk it. Champagne Socialists need a hug too, you know.
UKIP: No sign of them knocking either. I have a kettle of boiling water ready in case they do. (And no, not to make them tea!)

I'm old school Champagne Socialist, me. I remember when the LibDems seized power. Upper Street became a war zone. I was there manning the barricades during the Pimento Riots in the spring of '96. And later that summer little Islington urchins were seen scavenging the streets looking for sun-blushed tomatoes. Dark days indeed. Let's hope they never return. Vote early! Vote often! Vote Labour!

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