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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nightmare in Silver...

Last Saturday's Doctor Who Nightmare in Silver was an utter mess. Neil Gaiman lost it methinks. Underwritten yet over-complicated. Hated the children. Hated the plot holes. Some truly awful dialogue. Filmed in the props department. A complete waste of a cybermen story. Next!

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  1. Yeah I wasn't sure about the children either, and then when they were put in "stand by" I thought what's the point of them?

    However I did think it was better than the shockingly bad episode the week before that felt like random clips shoved together - disjointed.

    To be honest in this part of the season has been the worst episodes of Dr. Who ever, in my humble opinion.

    Saturday night excitement for Dr. Who has gone, instead I just watch it on catch up and to be honest I was debating whether to completely switch off after the shockingly bad episode. Think they've lost their way.

    A x


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