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Friday, May 10, 2013

Power cut in Highbury...

Woke up to power cut in Highbury. No heating, no hot water, no lighting, no Homes Under the Hammer. We start eating our own young by lunchtime.

07:02: Called National Grid to report.

07:12 "UK Power Networks Update: Our engineers are aware of the power cut and will get to site as quickly as possible; your power is affected by a blown fuse at your local substation. We're currently working towards an estimated time of 09:30. Although this is subject to change following updates from site, we'll keep you updated."

I like their chatty updating. Appeals to the compulsive communicator in me .

07:22 "Update - Our engineers are on their way to your area. We'll let you know when they arrive. We'll know the full picture when they're on site. Once we do, we'll give you an idea of when your power will be back on."

07:35 We need an International Humanitarian Aid Air Drop. Highbury is running dangerously low on pimento. I fear a repeat of the pimento riots of '94.

07:58 Oh shit, sun-blushed tomatoes! We are out of sun-blushed tomatoes. Guns! We need guns!

08:20 Thank fuck for that. Power back on. As you were.

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