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Friday, November 16, 2012


Last night Darren treated Stu and I along with Mark to a night at the theatre. We went to see the Boy George musical Taboo at the Brixton Townhouse.

Last time I saw the show was in March 2002 with Bryn and Marky Mark. Since then it has changed a bit. The guru has been ditched, the plot altered a tad and a song or two has be added. All in all it's made the show tighter, flow better and much funnier. We laughed and laughed.

The story takes places in the early 1980s and concerns the mass unemployment and social upheaval of the times and how this sparked a rebellion in young people that manifested itself as a decadent display of outrageousness and fashion in the club scene. These New Romantics were threw up a lot of weird and wonderful characters such as Steve Strange, Phillip Sallon, Marilyn, Leigh Bowery and of course Boy George.

Although being a fringe theatre the production used the Brixton Townhouse to full effect, with the action taking place on not only the stage but the tables, the bar and all round the auditorium. The acting was great and the singing (and sinning) superb.

I'd thoroughly recommend it and I think we'll be going again before the run ends just before Christmas.

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