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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Apocalypse How?...

Last Sunday Oliver, Toby, Stu and I spent six hours combing the streets and building east London looking for a series of fiendish clues which required every drop of ingenuity and observation we possessed to solve. It was a treasure hunt murder mystery run by those lovely people at A Door In A Wall called Apocalypse How?

We loved it. Clever, funny, intriguing and frankly exhausting. What a great way to spend a Sunday. 

The pre-amble goes like this:- 20 years ago, Arthur Geddon crawled half-dead from the jungle; a miraculous survivor of a lost expedition. He clutched in his hands a series of stone tablets that he claimed described the end of the world. Now, with the day of reckoning fast approaching, Arthur is found dead. You, his faithful disciples in the Church of the Golden Pyramid, must discover who among your brothers and sisters has killed the beloved leader! Choose your path to victory and leave no stone unturned as you spend a day searching London for clues and characters that will allow you to avenge this sacrifice and, maybe, avert doomsday. Prepare for another all-new murder mystery treasure hunt from A Door In A Wall: Apocalypse How?

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