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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Boom Boom...

Last Sunday Andy, Kev, David, David, Guy, Stu and I went out for Sunday lunch at The Dragon in Shoreditch high Street. We were raising a glass or two to Ian Martin whose birthday it would have been the next day.

Ian loved fireworks and so the plan was later on to go to Weavers Field and watch the council display as Ian had done the previous year with Andy and Kev.

After lunch Andy laid on a massive spread of numerous cheeses and (mulled) wines at his place where we were joined by Tom, Darian, Darren, Jason, Jane, Paul, Stephen et al.

About 7:30pm we charged our paper cups and headed off out into the cold night air to watch the display. It was brief but perfect.

On the way back we popped into The Nelson for a pint where David produced some marvellous prints of Ian's firework photos downloaded from his Flickr account.

A very nice way to send our good wishes to the memory of our dear departed friend.

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