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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

US TV Shows...

When does Glee start again? New series of Family Guy? Well, here are the dates for some of the more popular US series returning Stateside. UK screenings are likely to follow, either same week (if on Sky1) or later.
Tuesday, Sept. 7
Sons of Anarchy, (Bravo)
Sunday, Sept. 19
Boardwalk Empire, (Sky1 - the new HBO drama)
Monday, Sept. 20
House, (Sky1)
Two and a Half Men, (Comedy Central)
Hawaii Five-0, (Bravo)
Tuesday, Sept. 21
Glee, (E4)
NCIS: Los Angeles, (Sky1)
Wednesday, Sept. 22
Modern Family, (Sky1)
Criminal Minds, (Living)
Law & Order: SVU, (Hallmark)
Cougar Town, (Living)
Thursday, Sept. 23
The Big Bang Theory, (E4)
Bones, (Sky1)
30 Rock, (Comedy Central)
Grey’s Anatomy, (Living)
CSI, (Five)
Fringe, (Sky1)
Private Practice, (Living)
The Mentalist, (Five)
Friday, Sept. 24
Smallville, (E4)
CSI: NY, (Five)
Supernatural, (ITV2)
Sunday, Sept. 26
The Simpsons, (Sky1)
Desperate Housewives, (C4 - 2011 UK debut probably)
Family Guy, (FX)
Dexter, (FX)
Brothers & Sisters, (E4)
Tuesday, Sept. 28
The Good Wife, (C4)
Sunday, Oct. 3
American Dad (FX)
CSI: Miami, (Five)
Wednesday, Nov. 10
Lie to Me, (Sky1)
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