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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mr Jingles...

I have one of those friends who posts status updates to the our favourite social web service to inform all of *everything* that happens in her life. Recently, her status updates ran thusly

15:46 ...has just rescued a mouse from a horrible sticky mouse trap. Sooo cruel it was just, like, glued there! yay me!

16:11 Turns out the mouse lost quite a lot of fur and skin on his poor belly from the trap. I'm gonna nurse him all better and call him Mr Jingles like in the Green Mile!

16:39 Has just given Mr Jingles a soothing bath/wash and is gonna build him a little home to live in! He gonna be a circus mouse! ;o)

16:54 Mr Jingles is nibbling away at biscuit crumbs! Soooooo cute!

17:44 Would anyone like to come to Mr Jingles housewarming party? Hee hee! Found an old wooden box in the garage and have put some cotton wool and an old catbowl of water in there for him! Don't tell anyone I've taken in a lodger! Hee Hee! x

18:29 OMG! I was only gone 5 minutes and Mr Jingles drowned in his waterbowl :o( :o(
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