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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Marc Almond, I (Heart) You...

Last night I got to meet my idol. I went to HMV Oxford Street to an album signing. Marc Almond was signing copies of his new album Orpheus In Exile - The Songs Of Vadim Kozin. I queued for about an hour but it was totally worth it. He signed my copy of the album (well, my two albums as a took a different album for him to sign too), we chatted for a minute or two (OK, I gushed and he was utterly charming in return) and I had my picture taken with him.

My heart was racing, racing, racing. Afterwards I was on such a high. It's fabulous to meet those you worship and not be let down.

Is the album any good? It's OK. But I don't care. I got to meet my idol.

More snaps here.

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