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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Canada: Toronto City Tour...

We got up later after our boozy night out and headed out for some trashy food; Wendy's. Stu had never had that particular variation of processed junk food so was keen to try it. And coupled with the fact that we saw on TMZ's TV show that Diana Ross had been spotted in Taco Bell he'd got a taste for the trashy.

In the afternoon we opted for a guided and narrated city tour to get a feel for the place. It turned out that the tour guide that we'd had the previous day to Niagara, Gord, was the man so we were in familiar hands.

The delights that awaited us were the Distillery District, St Lawrence Market (we were to return here later for a massive mustard purchase), City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, the peace pagoda, Church St, a bunch of hospitals, the university and PATH.

PATH is a 27-kilometre (17 mile) network of pedestrian tunnels beneath the office towers of downtown Toronto. Quite amazing. An underground city.

At the end of tour we stopped off at the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre. Stu persuaded me to go up the CN Tower (181 floors yikes!) I was pressed to the back of the lift all the way up with my eyes closed.

There was a fantastic view out across the city, as you might expect, but looking down we saw U2 setting up for their gig later that night. They played a bit of "Beautiful Day". It also looked like RIM were closing off the CN Tower restaurant to host U2's after show party.

After the hot and dusty city tour we headed for the hotel spa. We had a swim, went to the steam room, the jacuzzi and the hot tub. After that we went out to Stu's favourite Alsace restaurant Les Trois Brasseurs (renamed The Three Brewers for Toronto).

The TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is also here this week. We saw Steven Spielberg and also Whoopi Goldberg (no ghost of Patrick Swayze sadly).

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