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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canada: Montreal...

So we've arrived safe and sound in Montreal. The Air Canada flight was just fine - great service and not too many bumps en route. The films I watched to pass the time were Moon, The Hangover, Terminator Salvation and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. All suitably diverting.

The limo was waiting for us at the airport and before we knew it we were sitting in the Grand Plaza Centre Ville wondering how to spend out first night in Canada. Thirty minutes later we were in The Stud (at that point fairly empty) supping on a beer or two. Later we shuffled over to the L'Aigle Noir for a bit of variety before returning to the The Stud for a bit of a bop and a boogie. On the way home we popped in to a Maccy Ds for a MacPoulet and frites. Class.

The following day we started off with a swim before hitting the tourist trail proper. First we crawled all over the 343 acre Parc du Mont-Royal. Then we crawled all over Vieux-Montreal and Port-Montreal. Finally we headed up to the rather stunning Oratoire St-Joseph. All impressive stuff.

Next stop was the Sunday night bars on the morrow we head down to Toronto.

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