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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canada: Jasper...

The Icefield Parkway is a three hour stunning drive through mountains, gorges and along rivers starting at Banff, up through Banff National Park and into Jasper National Park. We saw sweet white mountain goats, giant jet-black crows, deer, squirrels and chipmunks en route.

Once in Jasper itself we settled into our (frankly mediocre motel) Lobstick Lodge for a couple of days of rest and relaxation. We had nothing scheduled - just lounging by the pool, eating, drinking and reading trashing books (yes, you, Dan Brown). It was the halfway point of our holiday and time to reflect both upon all the places we'd visited thus far and also were looking forward to seeing.

Tomorrow we'll be up early to climb aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train - heading off on the two day trip across the Rockies all the way to Vancouver.

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