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Friday, September 18, 2009

Canada: Toronto Islands...

Just off Toronto shoreline are a group of fifteen islands which were originally part of a peninsular. A massive storm separated them from the mainland and dredging widened and deepened the gulf. A short ferry journey however and we were there.

Most of the islands are now joined to each other by bridges so creating an interconnected network - known as Toronto Island Park. There are no cars on the islands - just bicyclers, boatmen, walkers and Rollerbladers. We were told that eight hundred people live on the islands but most of the uber-cute cottages looked fairly deserted.

Stu and I hired a tandem and had great fun criss-crossing our way everywhere the board walks and pathways would take us. The park is beautiful with many outstanding beaches. We even found one that was clothing optional. Fancy.

Later on, back in the city, we met up with Stu's friend Catheryn, her sister and friends for some wine, eats and TIFF star spotting in Yorkville. Biggest celeb was Verne Troyer (Mini-Me).

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