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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Grief's a funny old thing. My shoe was really hurting on the way home from work tonight and so I took it off and threw it across the street. I had to hobble home in a sock. The shoe-rage was I'm sure related to the news that my uncle died earlier today. When I heard the sad news about my uncle it didn't make me cry at first. But losing the shoe did. Transference I guess.


  1. Understood. My condolences. X

  2. Anonymous8:47 pm

    sorry to read of your losses
    Keep smiling

  3. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Hun, I'm sorry to hear your news. It feels too long since we sat down together. Glad you are both having a great time in Cuba. Let's meet up when you're back.
    Big love
    Sarah x


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