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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Stu and I are off to Cuba first thing tomorrow morning. We've got a suite booked at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana for a week and then we're moving along the coast to the Blau Varadero Hotel for a few days pampering.

We've starting packing already and on the advice of friends who have been before are taking quite a lot of extra stuff to give away; everything from clothes to shoes, toothpaste to aftershave. Everyone tells us it's the thing to do as apparently the locals just can't buy things out there. Perhaps more importantly though we're also taking extra cash. I'm a bit of a serial tipper anyway but I think if you get good service you should tip - especially in countries that have low wages.

Anyway, we're all set. And getting very excited. Not least because we'll have two weeks away from all the bad news back home! Just so we don't feel too much out of touch though next Friday we're planning our very own 'red nose' day - we'll be overdoing it in the sun and drinking way too many Mojitos! (fnah.)

We're told that the mobile phone and internet connections are way too expensive/hard to access in Cuba and so I'm probably going to have a ten days without phone calls, texts, emails, web, Facebook, Twitter or blogging. How will I cope?!

And below is a little something that has been spinning round in my head. Thanks to Darren for finding the link.

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