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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cuba: Day Seven...

As it was our last full day in Havana we did the last “must see” thing that we just had to do; the rum factory. Well, you come all the way to Cuba – you have to see how the rum is made, right?

Actually we did do a few other things first with our day – take a look round Plaza de Armas, try out an ATM (it worked fine) and have lunch in a Cuban/Italian fusion restaurant – but it was the rum we were really after.

Once we got to the factory we opted to do the tour. Too save you the trouble (and the 7 CUC) here’s the recipe; first squash your sugar cane to get juice => boil off excess water => leave to crystallize => centrifuge off the molasses => add yeast => ferment => distil => filter three times => age three to fifteen in white oak barrel => blend => bottle => pour => drink. At the end of the tour we naturally had ample opportunity to sample the rum too (hic).

Today we’re heading along the coast for three days to stay in an all-in resort so Internet access will probably be non-existed. So I'll be back at the end of the week.

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