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Friday, March 06, 2009

Samsung NC10...

I bought myself a new toy a couple of weeks ago. It's a Samsung NC10 netbook. Sure, it's an inferior laptop compared to the larger cousins but it was fairly cheap, is quite quick and is pleasantly diddy. It also seems to be recommended as the best all rounder in it's class. Even this week's Time Out says it's the one to buy(!)

The battery life is excellent (more than 7 hours between charges) and it happily runs Windows 7 beta and sits on my knee while I'm watching TV just fine. I may yet put Ubuntu on it soon if I'm feeling adventurous.


  1. I am very tempted, but so far been put off by comments on how hard it is to type on netbooks in general (don't know about this one). Your thoughts?

    Not that I can afford one right now, but one can daydream...

  2. Actually the reason I got this particular one was because of the size of the big keyboard. I've not done any exact measuring but the keyboard seems to be almost full size!

    Go on - treat yourself! :)


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