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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food at Fifteen...

My office is holding a company-wide luncheon in my honour today. Fifteen years working for this particular part of the organisation. Bless 'em. Apparently there's to be a presentation too. Let's hope there are no speeches (cringe).

UPDATE: The luncheon was really nice. The whole office turned up, there was a lovely buffet, I got a very nice speech from my boss and the MD, a signed service certificate, a name etched glass award and £550 of John Lewis vouchers. Result!


  1. Anonymous11:09 am

    that's amazing but weird? Fifteen years all in one place

  2. Actually it's over twenty years with the same company. I moved offices within the company fifteen years ago.

  3. Anonymous11:47 am

    Thats not wierd.. i spent 11 years in 1 company from age 21-32. What IS wierd AND amazing is you getting £550 in vouchers! WOW! Was it a collection that went round or did the company give it as a gift??

  4. Every five years we get money from the comapany. It goes up each five year period.

    Oh, and they give us money on our birthday too - £250!

    Nice people.


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