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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Livinia Slutford...

Last night Andy organised some tickets for us go and see Jonathan Hellyer's new creation Livinia Slutford perform a show called Slutty Livin' at the Pleasance Theatre above the notorious Shillibeers Bar in Islington.

Livinia Slutford is a vile creation not too dissimilar to Jonathan's alter-ego The Dame Edna Experience. Self proclaimed voice of an angel / language of the devil Slutford is a transexual porn star who has started to break into the cabaret circuit. So we were treated to a heady mix of standup wit, gross-out gags and pitch perfect song mimicry. All good stuff. She knows her audience too - it was well written and topical material. One or two shades of both Tina C and Pam Ann in places perhaps but that's no bad thing. The crowd loved it.

For those expecting The Same Edna Experience weren't disappointed. For those hoping for something new have perhaps seen the start of something big in slutty Slutford.

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  1. Anonymous4:59 pm

    I saw Jonathan Hellyer's show last saturday - fantastic comedy and amazing impersonations - I think he'll be on national tv before too long.


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